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Aerocort Forte Rotacaps (Beclometasone/Levosalbutamol)

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Hiforce 50mg is a far less expensive medicine that can treat problems with erection in men of all ages.

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What is Hiforce 150mg?

Hiforce 150mg is a medicine that will help men struggling with erections recover and get penile erections again. It’s a dose that lets you harness the effects of the PDE-5 hormone Sildenafil which is contained in the pills. It has powerful erectile effects.

ED or erectile disorder is a disease that causes an inability to develop hard. The reason for this disorder that affects males could stem from a psychological or physical condition. We suggest that you seek assistance from your doctor in selecting the appropriate dose.


About Hiforce 150mg

Hiforce 150mg can be described as a dosage that can provide ED treatment and the capability in a brief period to achieve erectile strength. Be aware that the effects of Hiforce 150 are restricted to the duration of action of Sildenafil, a generic drug that has a duration of up to 6 hours.

The ingredient that helps in causing erectile difficulty is Sildenafil.


Manufacturer of Hiforce 150mg

Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer that caters to this dosage in the market. You can purchase it at local drug stores or through online websites.

The company holds the rights to make the pills. The company is now focusing more on the distribution chain and sales in both the domestic and international markets.


Strength and Dosage of Hiforce 150mg

The strength of the dose tablets of Hiforce 150mg is equivalent to Sildenafil which equals 150 mg. The potency of this dosage is rather high as the highest Sildenafil recommended dose of 100 mg is a Hiforce dose of 100 mg for all people regardless of the severity of their ED. This dosage is ideal for those experiencing moderately high amounts of ED. We suggest that you take the pills only when your doctor prescribes it according to your body’s in position to take the right dosage of the drugs.


  • Hiforce 50 Mg
  • Hiforce Oral Jelly
  • Hiforce 100 Mg



The availability of Hiforce 150mg pills is on and offline. When you go online you can buy the pills via a website. Of course, you might need to wait several days before receiving your order at home, however, it could also enable you to compare prices on various websites.

In the alternative mode of offline, users can have the option of purchasing the pills at the local pharmacy. Make sure you carry your prescription.


Use of Hiforce 150mg

The usage of Hiforce 150 serves a single objective is assist those who are having difficulty getting and keeping a strong sexual erection. It is through the aid of Hiforce 150mg that you will be able to increase hardness in the penis and regain your sexual pleasure.

Be aware that when you use it also comes with a time frame for Sildenafil to display in a couple of effects and trigger the needed modifications.


How do you do your Hiforce 150mg? 

To take Hiforce 150 pills, depend on water. For the high-strength tablet to begin showing in erectile hardening, it could be up to one hour. Make sure to take your pills at least an hour before your sexual activity. Drinking alcohol could be risky and may cause adverse consequences.


What is the process behind Hiforce 150mg function?

Hiforce 150mg is a tablet that works by causing Sildenafil to start its action within a couple of minutes after taking the pill. When you consume a capsule of Hiforce 150, the levels of PDE-5 hormone drop until the production of this hormone gets temporarily stopped. This is when a different hormone can bring about the required changes, increasing the levels of the cGMP.

If cGMP hormone levels rise, nitric oxide begins to take effect. as a result, the body experiences a dilation effect in the tissues, causing blood flow increases through the capillaries of the penis. This is the reason the fact that getting an erection gets easier due to the increased penis sensibility.



The dose in the form of Hiforce 150 mg should not be taken more than one time each day. The ideal time to take it depends on your personal preferences and if you’re having sexual relations. As we said in the previous paragraph, you should make the time to have it at least one hour before.

Although the effects of a single pill last about 6 hours make sure you do not take any more pills at the same time as it could increase the chance of experiencing side adverse effects.


How long will Hiforce 150mg be extended?

Continue to take your dosage of Hiforce 150mg for as long as your doctor feels it is safe to continue taking the dosage. Keep in mind you’re not taking any medicines to treat ED like Hiforce150 mg is a drug that can last for a long time. Don’t allow the drug’s actions to start showing negative side effects if you are using it for a long-term application.


Missed Dose of Hiforce 150mg

If you are unable to take one dose, and the effects of the previous pill are been eliminated, do not use the pills again. It could cause the absence of Sildenafil and make it more difficult for you to achieve an intimate erection.


Overdose Effects of Hiforce 150mg

An overdose that contains Hiforce 150mg can cause all of the side effects listed previously. This is the reason you should to take the appropriate dose and only take the dosage your doctor recommends you.



Certain contraindicating substances can cause side effects, and that’s why we advise against using these medications. The most common are alpha-blockers as well as any other medication that contains nitrate derivatives.


What to avoid when taking Hiforce 150mg

Avoid taking Hiforce150 pills if you have an allergy or are suffering from severe adverse effects. Do not take the medication if you have adverse reactions that could cause serious adverse reactions.


Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • The blood pressure drop
  • Lower libido
  • Pianism
  • Chest pain


Precaution & Warning

It is important to be aware of the precautions and precautions that are crucial to stop the effects of adverse reactions or contraindications from happening. Don’t use excessive amounts and beware of the medications.

Pack Size

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